Trump’s “White Noise”

 “BREAKING NEWS!” There was a Trump tweet storm this morning and we our all-star panel of experts to break down what this all means. Sound familiar? This has been the main topic of the mainstream from the 45th President took office till today. And it’s also the reason that we everyday Americans are starting to burn out! Now, for the record, I am a proud news junkie who stays well informed but this is “overkill” folks! Whatever happened to the good ole days? I remember when the mainstream media served us the news to short segments & tied a nice bow at the end! Today we get Donald as the main course sprinkled with some side news for dessert. 

Two Americas

Meanwhile, back among the people, real issues are playing out. The average American is working twice as hard for less of an income to battle higher housing, utilities, medical costs. Trumps latest temper tantrum doesn’t address those issues cause we make it all about him. What about the part of the Constitution that talks about “We the People?” Putin couldn’t be happier to see the chaos the Trump Presidency has reaped upon every branch of the US government. History also has shown that many great nations met their end by internal corruption and disarray rather than a military invasion. Much like the loud noise of music drowns you from hearing, the Trump Presidency is drowning America from business as usaul. 

The New America Believers

But there are also those who see the “white” noise as a call to action! These people are not going to sit by idle while corruption rules. These folks are the new voice of liberty and justice that come from the grassroots. They are men & women, the disenfranchised minorities & DACA kids. They are not rich or have their hands on the levers of power. But they do possess the true spirit of what America was founded upon. So Trump stands with the rich elites who have no regard for anything beyond profit, power & control. Much like the British who sent the slaves to work in the new world for profit. How did Trump con 30% of America that he would drain the swamp when he is the swamp!  

“Stand for something or fall for everything!”

The Kerner Curse

Flashback to 1968 and the Kerner report commissioned by then-President Lyndon B. Johnson. After a detailed research of the source of minority unrest, they concluded that there are two Americas, “Separate & Unequal!” That then prompted the Johnson administration to pass landmark legislation such as the “civil & voting” rights acts in April 1968.


Flash forward to 50 years after the Kerner report And though Blacks have increased in H.S. graduations by 90%, income up 43%,..etc. We still see that the “white” power brokers have 1/10th of the wealth with increased incarceration rates due to discrimination during the “war on drugs” of the ’80s & ’90s. So the majority of Blacks are still facing many obstacles to enjoying the same liberty and justice in America. 

Solutions Sector

So what can be done to get the media back on focus to the issues concerning most Americans? Here are a few ways that the “woke” can counter the Trump diversion:

Alternative News Sources – Turn off the usual media outlets and start supporting sources that focus on your issues. Several that come to mind are the Advise Show, Roland Martin or The Young Turks. These news sources cover news and information that the mainstream media ignore.

Existing Organizations – There are numerous organizations such as the NAACP, Urban League & others who have been in the struggle for decades. They need our support financially and physically to keep them strong.

Social Media – Start a group, blog or fan page about the issues. You’ve already got the app, so why not? Social media platforms are a great place to start a conversation with a large audience. Create a forum for topics that your circle of friends shows an interest in!

No matter what you decide to do, the main thing is to start somewhere cause every day you don’t is another day lost. As the saying goes the wicked never grow weary so neither should we! 

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