How Is It Be Criminal For R. Kelly But Genius When H. Hefner Did It for 50 Years?

By Malik Hajj Ali

R. Kelly is the black Hugh Hefner!
Stop the hypocrisy and crown R. Kelly as the black Hugh Hefner!

Since the media is in a frenzy snubbing singer R. Kelly for his preference for younger women, I decided to chime in with my two cents. I’m usually focused upon more more pressing issues for Blacks in America but the hypocrisy has risen to too high of a level to ignore anymore. It basically goes back to the wise word of George Santayana which stated “Those who can not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” In short the average IQ of Americans has sunken so low that they easily except R. Kelly portrayed as a monster. They never take the time to critically think and research to see if it’s true.

“Playboy vs Monster”

Let’s take a look back to the 50’s & 60’s era deemed the time of the sexual revolution in the US. This was a time of the open exception of “free love” that broke all the sexual rules. And this movement was spearheaded by a gentleman know as Hugh Hefner. Under his Playboy brand, sex became a fashionable and hip lifestyle that became endorsed by the mainstream of that time.

Now let’s flash back to the present days headlines of the present “Me too” era. A time where women are coming out of the closet on being abused. This is also a time when the playboy lifestyle is frowned upon. I find it very interesting how the media projects these two men’s similar actions in opposing ways.

Hugh got no negative press when he married two (18 yr old) twins but it’s evil for R. Kelly to have two girlfriends over 20 years old. This is simply open handed hypocrisy celebrating H. Hefner featuring naked monthly centerfolds of ladies with the average age of 17-21 years of age. While gathering a lynch mob in disapproval of R. Kelly’s arrangement to have multiple (consenting) females? If you asked most guys, they’d admit that they would give anything to have that arrangement!

The difference between how the (US) media demonizes R. Kelly and lionizes H. Hefner is as plain as black and white! In fact I’m under the opinion that the reason one is treated opposite from the other is because of the Black verses White culture that these celebrates live in. Why does the media project it is evil for a celebrity (Black) to have sexual escapades but another (White) man is allowed to build a whole empire exploiting the same lifestyle? Let’s take a moment to explore why this is so:

“Separate & Unequal Status 2.0”

In 1968 the Kerner Commission concluded, “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, and one white—separate and unequal.” It also placed blame for urban ills on “white racism.” The report asserted, “What white Americans have never fully understood—but what the Negro can never forget—is that white society is deeply implicated in the ghetto,” adding, “White institutions created it, white institutions maintain it, and white society condones it.” This Capitalist Colonial system was built upon the enslavement and exploitation of another people. Therefore, they must continue to slant the game in their favor by denying them any (male) heroes to rally around. So, in order to justify their bias coverage, they must constantly publicly assassinate any and all positive (Black) role models. This then justifies the further exploitation and control of those people.

“An Unfair & Imbalanced Media”

The press appears to be “hands off” on the (white) Hollywood elites like Kevin Spacey.

The same way the US judicial system is tilted against Blacks, the media and news outlets show their double standards every day. A prime example is the way media overlooks white men convicted of crimes but focuses on Black men merely accused of a crime. Look at how the media rarely mentions
Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey who have had court dates set for months. But none of the news panels are discussing them on a level near that of the Bill Cosby or R. Kelly cases. Also, if the media was fair, the so called “Big Four” news outlets would have a panel to address how US laws allow law enforcement to kill Blacks with no conviction. And not to mention the many other statistics that reveal open ended social economic discrimination on so many other levels.

“Love Of Black Culture But Not The Black Race”

Through history Blacks have been the inventors of so many things that America has never given them recognition for. Since Black history month has passed, I won’t bombard your brain. But take a minute to think where America would be if they didn’t have the innovations of our best Black minds? Unfortunately, these contributions are stolen and placed under patient to profit the whites and leave the Blacks poor and penniless. Take the music genres of Rap, R&B and Hip Hop. They originated from the Black culture but more and more non-black artist are winning all of the honors over them. So our achievement seem to always start in our culture and get sabotaged and control of others. Blacks must learn that everyone who offers you something isn’t looking out for you!

These points and more exposes the hypocrisy of a Capitalistic system that continues to give whites a pass and Blacks all the penalties. America claims to be founded upon the principle that “All men are equal!” But continues to portray Blacks as subhuman and therefore not worthy of fair treatment. This muzzles any cries of injustice when another Black life is taken by a police officer. Also this racist construct must be dismantled for a new system that delivers justice to all those contributing to the country! Until that happens Black in circumstances similar to R. Kelly will be demonized. It’s up to Blacks to organize and nationalize against the racist approach to non-whites in the US.

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