Why America Won’t Repent?”

If you asked any folks staking a claim of Christian values, they would admit that their religion use “repentance and mercy” as some of the pillars of their faith. So how is it that these same Bible-believing, in the past referred to as the “moral majority” not applying that when it comes to reparations to 40 million ex-slaves. They usually respond if asked, “I can’t be held accountable for the crimes of the past” or “No one I know has benefited from slavery.” In most cases, those (White) rebuttal squashes the whole argument. Next time leave them with any or all of these answers:

A.) Though you may not have directly participated, the whole foundation of the current US Capitalist system is still using racism, white supremacy today.

B.) So is that means you think it’s fair for the US to give reparations to Jews, native Americans and Japanese citizens and not Blacks?

C.) Okay, it’s okay for America to pay out over $50 billion in foreign aid and nothing to help Blacks living here?

D.) Ooh! So you must not have known about the free land grant & subsides European immigrants got from the government to settle here then, right?

The most impressive assessment of the French exploitation of the African continent!