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The Wake Project

Our intention is to proclaim our right to justice, liberty & equality established under the US Constitution for Europeans in 1776. We accuse the United States Of America of systematically denial of financial opportunities which has resulted in a unfair socio-economic advantage for Europeans. This also includes the denial of jobs, housing, loans,..etc. Our demand is reparations be given to the 40 million indigenous descendants of the Northern Territories known as America.

Status Correction

As dynamic as the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was in the start of what is called the United States of America. Unfortunately, this brave new national experiment did not include all the indigenous natives or the slave population. Flash forward to today in 2018 we see the descendants of these same Europeans colonist system depriving, discriminating & exploiting cultures of color. The native and enslaved people status has never been the same as the Europeans who registered at Elis Island folks. As early as 1968 the US Kerner commission concluded that there are two different America's "separateĀ and unequal" under all US laws. Therefore, the colored, non-white inhabitants of America must go through a legal process to correct theirĀ status under the law. And the good news is, there is a process that has been successful! AmenRa