US wealth Inequality

Black Inequality 50 Years After MLK’s Dream!

As the nation remembers and revisits the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr 50 years later, we see that not much has changed for colored people in the US today. That's right! The same issues of poverty and income inequality that King marched and boycotted are present today. Also we have additional confirmation when the Kerner Report of 1968 study shows in far too many cases Black poverty and police violence is on the rise. What does this say about the American dream verses it's reality? The fact is that people of color are still judged by "the color of their skin" or area they where raised in. So if Dr. King was here, would he be happy with the state of Black America today? Also how can folks of all color fight back in the era of Trump? We are quickly discovering that the motto of "make America great again" consists of demonizing colored countries as "shit hole" nations! I suggest we cultivate a  MLK 2.0 plan for the challenges of 2018 and beyond.

A.) Boycott - The Birmingham boycott was a great example of protest that can be utilized today. All it takes is a unified effort to confront the sponsors and advertisers of the personality, politician or media outlet.

B.) March - This shows a visible resistance that can be very effective to expose the issue in real time. It also exposes any support that was previously unknown to the public. In doing this you force the opposition to justify their position of support publicly.

C.) Vote - The best way to fight is with you vote for or against an issue or political opponent. Get involved & make your position known.

D.) Protest - This and marching usually go hand in hand. But the key is to be organized and prepared for any opposition that may be a potential obstacle to your success. This comes by educating the participants.

E.) Opposition - Being ready for any potential resistance is always a wise calculation. Especially if the target is located in an private area. So make sure to inspect the site first. You may be forced to change your strategy if you can't gain access to your location.

F.) Social Media - When used effectively, this is one of the most powerful tools devised in the past 50 years folks. It expands your reach and exposes more people to your cause. But must be used in conjunction with marching, protesting & voting to have the maximum effect.

We know that it can be very frustrating when surveying the challenges that confront all minorities. In many cases they are just as daunting as those that our ancestors 50 years ago. But we have many awesome examples from our past leaders such as Dr. King and many others. Also today social media has added a new element that can have a real time impact on a viral level. But far too many people use Facebook, Instagram only and neglect to get physically involved. No matter how you decide to be involved, it's important that everyone gets involved! Just commit to finding a local or national organizations that you can contribute to. Join the political party that best expresses your views or create a new political party that will express them. It going to take a new generation to take up the torch as long as poverty, inequality and injustice still rears it's head in the US. Otherwise, evil will creep back into the heart of the our most powerful institutions.


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