The White Privilege Project:

Whites Get A Free Pass For Actions That Blacks Get Crucified For

 Have you noticed how the media attacks Black celebrates for acts that White celebrates have been doing decades before? The media revels in smearing the squeaky clean reputations of some of our most famous Negro stars. In many cases these targeted celebrates have been acquitted in court but that doesn't stop these media outlets from projecting them as monsters in the court of public opinion. And just like slavery, they send other Blacks to validate their false narratives like Oprah, Wendy Williams,..etc. Little do they realize that one day those same sellouts will be next!

Black inequality through racism, white supremacy is still a significant tool used by the European colonizers today!

Whether you call it "Jim Crow" in the US or "Apartheid" in South Africa, people of color are forced into a "prisoners of war" (POW) status. The proof is how the courts fail to indite or prosecute police who use deadly force upon Blacks in the US. This open-handed absence of equal justice clearly proves that coloreds do not have any citizen's rights. So colored people who reside in any of the lands colonized by Europeans are open targets for injustice!

"Using Racial Profiling To Finance US Cities"

After over twenty years of data, there is sufficient evidence to prove that Blacks are intentionally being targeted by law enforcement. This targeting is based upon a racist stereotype that colored people are more likely to commit crimes & moving violations than their white counterparts. The numbers a huge disproportion in that 14% of the US is Blacks but 80% of those incarcerated and charged with traffic tickets are colored. While the 60% majority of whites get a free pass.

'Racial profiling' refers to the practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. Criminal profiling, generally, as practiced by police, is the reliance on a group of characteristics they believe to be associated with crime. Examples of racial profiling are the use of race to determine which drivers to stop for minor traffic violations (commonly referred to as 'driving while black or brown'), or the use of race to determine which pedestrians to search for illegal contraband.[7]

The original method of slavery has been updated for the 21st century

When you take the time to actually understand the wording of the historic 13th amendment, you can clearly see the deception.

African American Siblings Hugging at Fourth of July
Patricia Mellin
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Ghettoization vs Gentrification

The US elites have decided to further disenfranchise the "Colored" cultures once again. The method by which they are using is a national "gentrification" project. This renovation of the areas previously considered a ghetto area of the cities to be rebuilt to accommodate the higher income holders kids. The public assistance programs then designate housing vouchers to suburban cities due to higher rents. Unfortunately, this forces many Negros to relocate to outer cities where the cost of living is lowest.

Tax-Free Land Grants

We propose that the US government issue federal land grants for all US Negros. That's right! Just as the US paid European immigrants to relocate, 40 million ex-slaves deserve the same opportunity today. It's not the only solution but is one that can show immediate results. Also, this will offset the historic HUD "redlining" policies of the 50s-70s. After all, why should the Negro be required to pay any US taxes after the over 200 years of imprisonment by our US captors? Justice demands that the US start the process of reparations and stop delaying the inevitable!

 Negros are native to the Americas, Asia & beyond

That's right! The people know as Blacks, negro or colored were already in the North American continent for more than a century before Columbus. This one fact means that European history has been revised so that we could not claim any rights of land reparations like our native American counterparts. The also evidence includes artifacts found from King Tut, Buddha & the Asiatic Blacks. The locations were everywhere from Idaho to the Grand Canyon.

Blacks vs US Justice

The US media machine shows us multiple Black judges on TV but the history shows that justice works against Blacks. This leads me to ask why do Blacks even trust this Colonialist system that originates "slavery?" Even when the murders are witnessed & video streamed on Facebook, there is no justice for innocent Black victims murdered by the officers today. We propose that a legal defense fund be established to help our people to be able to bail out. As well as programs to train our outgoing convict populations to smoothly transition back into society.


Imprisonment, Arrest, and Homicides

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, blacks accounted for 39.4% of the prison and jail population in 2009, while non-Hispanic whites were 34.2%, and Hispanics (of any race) 20.6%. The incarceration rate of black males was over six times higher than that of white males, with a rate of 4,749 per 100,000 US residents.[23][24][25]

Status Protection

America which claims to be a government system run by the "rule of law," has no laws to protect the 40 million ex-slaves within its territories. There are countless reports and over 50 years of history since the so-called civil rights movement reveals that Blacks are separate and unequal even in 2019. Therefore we demand to be given "ENDANGERED SPECIES" status so we can create a safe haven for our rich heritage and culture.