African American Siblings Hugging at Fourth of July
Patricia Mellin
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Ghettoization vs Gentrification

The US elite has decided to disenfranchise Blacks again through it's current national "gentrification" projects. This has left many Blacks to relocate to outer cities where the cost of living is lowest.

Tax-Free Land Grants

We propose that the US government issue federal land grants for Blacks to develop. This will offset the historic HUD "redlining" policies of the 50s-70s.

Can't Trust Laws

The US media machine shows us multiple Black judges but justice is still against Blacks. Why do Blacks even trust the "racist" Colonialist system that originates from the "slave patrols?" Even when the murders are witnessed & video streamed on Facebook, there is no justice for innocent Black victims murdered by the Police today.

That's why we have to take action! And why are we surprised? History shows that this US system has never honored any agreements or treaties made with the original indigenous cultures. How many more cases of Blacks being openly harassed, attacked and killed before Blacks take action? It's time we start depending upon our own coalitions not the failed US justice system to protect us. It's reminds me of a long and abusive relationship that we must walk away from. "DIVORCE" happens when there is no more TRUST!


Status Protection

America which claims to be a government system run by the "rule of law," has no laws to protect the 40 million ex-slaves within its territories. There are countless reports and over 50 years of history since the so-called civil rights movement reveal that Blacks are separate and unequal even in 2019. Therefore we demand to be given "ENDANGERED SPECIES" status so we can create a safe haven for our rich heritage and culture.