Racism / White Supremacy Fuels US Capitalism

How is it that Blacks are still suffering discrimination in 2019? Also, why is it that the "privately-owned" media isn't exposing this ongoing injustice? It's clear that the US Capitalist system is based upon "slavery" of colored populations. The sooner Blacks realize the historic facts, the sooner we can get on the path to true freedom, justice & liberty promised in the US Constitution. Fifty years after the fake "Civil Rights" laws where passed and Blacks are too brainwashed to accept that the European based colonialist system will never give equal status to 40 million Blacks anywhere! So it's time that Blacks wise up and nationalize against this colonialist ruled government!

The Dirty Little Secrets: Blueprint of US Policing

The best way to conduct an investigation of the current policies of any institution is to research the origin of the institution. And as it pertains to the deadly results of state and local law enforcement policies? So it should not be any surprise that the modern policing system in the United States originated from patrols intended to corral escaped slaves.



"Over 50 years after US integration, Blacks are "not" better off!" 

It's clear as crystal, after over 50 years of US civil rights laws which established affirmative action and integration, that Blacks are still not better off! This also proves that America will continue its policies of systematic discrimination against its 40 million prisoners of war. Everyone can clearly see that a crucial component which the US system of "Capitalism" operates upon is racism, white supremacy and discrimination. So no matter what "civil rights" laws get passed, Blacks will never be allowed the same rights as their white counterparts!

"The A, B, C Steps"


Black Liberation

Step # A

Unify & Organize

The Black culture will organize and unite to nationalize our platforms through public forums. Trump's dictatorship has adopted the US policy of deeming all US Black groups exercising their right "freedom of speech" as Black Identity Extremist (BIE) by the FBI and CIA. Also, we are aware that there will be attempts to distort the movement as negative.


Step # B

Reverse Dred Scott

The Dred Scott decision of 1857 was a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court on US labor law and constitutional law. It held that "a negro, whose ancestors were imported into [the U.S.], and sold as slaves",[2][3] whether enslaved or free, could not be an American citizen and therefore had no standing to sue in federal court,[4][5] and that the federal government had no power to regulate slavery in the federal territories acquired after the creation of the United States. Therefore, until this decision is reversed, the Negroes have no rights in any federal jurisdiction of America. In short, we can never be true American citizens until this is reversed by the Supreme court.

Join us,...

Step # C

Educate & Participate

It is clear that the current status of America's 40 million ex-slaves is still categorized as "chattel." Therefore, every Black with a valid SS card will go through a "status correction" process. Our forum seeks to create & establish an educational curriculum for Blacks to teach our future generations how to lawfully navigate through the American system. Providing alternative home school tutorials earmarked specifically for Black families.

"So Which Political Party Are You With?"

In 2019 Blacks in the US are rethinking their political party choices 50 years after the US civil & voting rights laws where past. We face the same discrimination & uneven opportunities of the '60s. And those same national statistics also reveal that neither of the two political parties has sufficiently addressed the ongoing challenges that still plaguing Black culture. Meanwhile, the Black millennials are breaking from the empty promises of the traditional political ties. We suggest that the logical next step is to unify the Black conservatives, liberal & all of the others in between into one national party. This new Black national agenda will unite the 40 million ex-slaves into one voting block. Then we can leverage our unity for real, measurable socio-economic & political change.

Two Paths To Justice

Our Negro nation lost momentum after the two most powerful leaders of the civil rights era where assassinated. Malcolm X and MLK may not have agreed on the response to racism but they both agreed that it must end. Unfortunately, studies such as the Kerner Report (1968) reveal that the US system is treating Negroes worse than 50 years ago. Where is the Negro leadership to address today's injustice?

US Government Continues To Bamboozle Blacks 50 years After Civil Rights?

How is it that Coloreds are still suffering injustice by the government as "second" class citizens in 2019?  It's so obvious that 40 million ex-slaves have been "bamboozled" once again! This leaves us trapped in the colonial policies of racism, white supremacy. It's time that we organize and plan ways to finally break free of the separate but unequal status.  Worst of all, you should notice how cities all over us are gentrifying historically Black "redlined" areas. The result is more Blacks being disenfranchised making it too expensive to live there. So all the gains of the 60's civil rights where obviously "FAKE" laws.

"Blacks Beware"

The US Government Endorses Groups Designed To

Distract Blacks From Unifying For Real Change:




Me Too




That's right! The mission is to distract & disperse any Blacks that organize for anything that could lead to unity or reparations. In fact, the FBI has been using our tax dollars to finance their "Black Identity Extremist" (BIE) policy since the civil rights movement of the '60s. Another reason that Blacks have not achieved any real progress is the injection of other group's agenda. The waters down the strength & effectiveness of our movement. Blacks must place our agenda as the first priority over any other to reach our goals. Hotep

Historic White Injustice Against Negroes

This section is to stimulate thought & conversations. We accomplish this by highlighting the top topics that concern Blacks. Mostly those currently trapped in any of the European colonial government systems. Because these particular systems operate under as racism, white supremacy policy. WE HEAR YOU!

Evidence that Proves How The US government Systematically Denied Blacks Housing


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The forum is now open! We welcome your comments & opinions on ways we can achieve these objectives:


Black National Platform 


 Tax Exemptions

 Endangered Species Status

 Land Allocation

 Afro Ed Curriculum

The Blueprint

With the vast variety of past and present Black leaders, we have no reason to wait any longer! All we have to do is study the methods of great leaders from Marcus Garvey to Farrakhan for results. Once we select the best path to success, nothing can stop our agenda for freedom, justice & a peaceful existence. Also when you study their solutions you will notice that they all choose "separation over integration!"   


Study Victories Of Black Culture

Colored culture is thirsty for inspiring African stories today! True stories of great "Negro" nation builders such as Hannibal, Shaka Zulu & others.

Interesting Facts about Shaka Zulu

  • Shaka recruited young boys to carry his warrior's supplies, freeing the warriors to move faster from battle to battle.
  • He forced his soldiers to go barefoot all the time so their feet would become tough and they would be more agile in a fight.
  • Young men were not allowed to marry until they had proven themselves in battle. This made them fight all the harder.
  • His capital city was called Bulawayo, which means "the place where they are killed."

Back To Africa is The Answer

The ongoing lack of solutions for the unjust police murders of innocent Black people in America shows that nothing will ever change for minorities. It's time to separate ourselves from the Europeans colonialism who treat all indigenous people like "subhuman, chattel & merchandise" under their laws. So it's time for an exodus of black Americans to return back to Africa and reclaim our cultures.