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What’s is the Black Nationalist Movement?

Our movement was created to unite the millions of Black indigenous people worldwide. This coalition declares the human rights of Black people to enjoy the same pursuits of justice, life & liberty promised in the US Constitution. Therefore we proclaim the natural born human right to fight against any & all adversaries to deny us those rights.

What are the characteristics of a Black Nationalist?

Black Nationalist come in many different creeds, colors & regions of the world. Their main characteristic is that they are passionate people who take action. They see the negative effects of European colonialism, capitalism, communism & socialism have enslaved the Colored races worldwide. They genuinely love the Black race & support our culture's advancement.

What does the Black Nationalist Movement hope to achieve?

Great Question! Our goal is to establish a political party that will defend, nurture & support the advancement of the indigenous Black race. As well as expose the socio-economic genocide of European countries against Black countries & cultures anywhere it appears or exists.